Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oamaru visit

Oamaru visit
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not the end ... but the beginning ....

I can't believe that I have completed the ACL 2.0 training!! It has been an incredible learning experience for me. I have grown personally over the whole process. Along the way, there had been moments of doubt and inadequacy but my perseverance has definitely paid off. I have learned lots of skills and been challenged many times over. I can confidently say I have overcome my initial fears of accessing the useful tools on the Internet.
It is the end of the discovery journey but a new beginning for me as I do intend to keep up with the newly acquired skills and to put them into good use on a personal and a professional level.
I would like to express my thanks to Jayne and her team for their great work, their patience and encouraging comments which have motivated me throughout the course. It has been an enjoyable and beneficial course for me!

NetLibrary and ebooks.

I am delighted to say that I am quite familiar with the NetLibrary and the ebooks. I had to catalogue this database and in order to create a bibliographical record, I visited the site and looked at its functions and services. I already have an account with the NetLibrary and have read a couple of books on it. E-books are becoming very popular as they are easily accessible. The great advantage is that e-books are available all hours and at all locations where you can link up to the site.


This technology is all new to me. Did the tutorial and gained a better understanding of what podcasts are and of the three types available. Had some fun searching on the podcasts directories. Once again I am awed by the number of podcasts and the range of subjects covered. I added the RSS feeds to a couple of podcasts on wine making to my account in Blogline.
I prefer the vodcast(video podcast)which makes the broadcasting more interesting with its visual presentation. Have a look at the "Interactive health" vodcast I posted along side this blog.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Discover YouTube - Video

This is my very first time on YouTube! I am very impressed with this site and the service they offer. Can't get over the the number of videos available and how they are organised! I did a few searches and found some useful ones on travel, cooking and music.

A friend of mine recommended Chris Rice's music.In addition to finding music videos on Chris on Utube, I also discover he is a talented cartoonist. Have loaded the video onto my blog. The whole process was quite straight forward and it did not take as long as I expected.

I think this site can be beneficial to library websites with the volume of stuff on it. Some of the videos will be great for learning and research. However, the librarians will need to be selective in their coverage and to provide the relevant URLs on their web page.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Discovering Web 2.0 tools

I have selected the Healia site.
Healia - your search for health

Healia is a consumer health search engine and it provides specific answers to health seekers's queries. I did a few searches on illnesses and treatments. The site takes you from the general headings to the specific ones. Under each medical condition, it gives the causes, symptoms, diagnosis/tests, treatment and prevention. Within each of these headings, there are extensive articles giving more relevant information on latest research and treatment. Included are also correspondence from patients describing their personal experience with the disease/illness and their response to some of the medication and treatment.

There is even a blog when one can subscribe to their regular health news and to keep up with other health bloggers.

This site will be of use to library users who have particular interests in the medical field or for medical students acquiring additional resources for their studies.

Accessing Zoho Writer ...

Can't believe I am moving along with these exercises!! Have just created an account with Zoho Writer and had a good look at its applications. I am amazed at the number of options available and the toolbar is so useful.
I have done a couple of trial documents. I aim to have one posted onto my blog. Just have to see if it all works!

I did get the document about"Accessing Zoho Writer" on to my blog. It appears below.

I have added the URL : as I intend to revisit this site to explore it further.

Another cool and dull morning to be arriving at workfrown. The hot topic this morning is the rush to complete this ACL 2.0 learning journeytongue_out. Quite a few have concluded their discovery trip and are awaiting anxiously to have their last couple of exercises marked so they can receive the hard earned reward - the MP3 playerlaughing.


Well, I still have to continue on though the end is in sightcool. This Zoho Writer looks rather amazing with its many applications. No doubt I will get to know its functions when I explore further.